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The 50-year-old was diagnosed with kidney cancer last year, but the disease has now spread to his lungs and spine. Cocks, father to three girls from a previous marriage, also revealed he was planning to marry his partner of two years, Dana Coote, and was in the process of finishing his dream home in Tairua. In his interview with The Herald on Sunday , Cocks said the news of his diagnosis had been met with an outpouring of support from mates and well-wishers from around the country, with some even volunteering to help him build his new home. Its been humbling. Ive been out of the media limelight for quite a while. I didnt realised people still knew me, noticed or cared," he said. Despite it being a tough project to tackle, the builder said he was determined to finish the house on his own. I want to thank everyone for their support and appreciate their kindness, but I want to build my own house." Thats not to say he will be going it alone. NZME reports the experienced builder has up to 12 mates helping him at varying stages, especially with getting the frame up and the roof on. But after that, Cocks said he was happy to work on the project alone, and didnt feel he had to rush it. Mates from the building industry are also backing him with a number of individuals and companies extending an offer of free supplies.

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There has been a surge in interest from the UK since the vote to leave the EU, with an Estonian e-Residency seen as one way of retaining the ability to operate within the economic zone. The aim is to have 10 million e-Residents by 2025, and so there is still a way to go to reach that number, but the concept has created a constant stream of visitors from other countries trying to learn about the program. The idea of a cloud country that follows the same principles of cloud computing or cloud data storage is one that resonates with all sorts of possibilities. Firstly, it acknowledges that as far as our lives on the Internet are concerned, the idea of nationality has less meaning as we are able to interact with any one, at any time, with almost any service, around the globe. Physical restrictions that are imposed by geography, like licensing of content for example, can be circumvented through the use of VPNs connecting through to any country at will. Once a business is online, it can operate globally with relative ease, handling different currencies and different tax requirements transparently. Even language is no longer a barrier with services like Google Translate becoming increasingly fluent. The internet and social networks have created and facilitated global communities that are organized by common interests and ideals rather than the main driver of national identity: physical location. Like Amazon has done with its computing technology, Estonia has put its government services online and made spare capacity available for others outside its country.

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